The pvc Lay Flat hose’s usage


The use of the main or sprinkler irrigation in agriculture, agricultural production is inseparable from the PVC lay flat hose, we also know that the role of PVC lay flat hose in agriculture and fire, then what is the material produced by what kind of characteristics?
PVC lay flat hoseraw materials are generally high-quality PVC synthetic materials and high-strength polyester yarn, this material can produce high pressure, anti-aging, anti-corrosion and good flexibility, light weight, smooth coating, bright color, in the use of mobile On the very convenient, and the length of unlimited, flat and easy to receive, and the PVC lay flat hose even in the low temperature of the PVC lay flat hose is still able to keep the body soft and flexible, in general, the use of PVC lay flat hose temperature suitable for minus 10 degrees Celsius to zero 50 Between degrees Celsius.
Above is a small series of PVC lay flat hose with some of the overview, the PVC lay flat hose used in agricultural orchard drought supporting equipment, industrial, engineering and other fields, to give our crops to bring a lot of irrigation facilities