PVC suction hose


PVC suction hose named PVC helix hose, PVC corrugated hose.

PVC helix hose light, transparent, bending radius is small, resistant to negative pressure, good weather resistance, is the factory, agriculture and water conservancy works on the vacuum Suction powder, particles, conveying water, oil ideal pipe. PVC suction hose is an excellent substitute for rubber hose and metal pipe. PVC corrugated hose with spiral synthetic rigid PVC reinforced, the inner surface is smooth, the outer surface of wrinkles, very light and good elasticity, resistance to pressure and most of the chemicals. Internal smooth, good alkali resistance and acid properties, good chemical resistance, good anti-UV and ozone performance; bending radius is small, gas and liquid does not leak; alkali and organic solvent corrosion, not the general sewage, The chemicals in the wastewater are corroded and are not corroded by the decay of organic matter in the soil.

PVC suction pipe is usually used as suction and delivery pipe is particularly suitable for solid such as dust and fiber suction, gaseous and liquid medium, industrial dust and Suction equipment, air conditioning and ventilation system dedicated hose, as anti-wear protection tube. Washing machine into the drain, for water, ventilation, ventilation, agricultural irrigation, etc. A variety of specifications, length, color can be produced according to customer requirements. Color and diverse, dark green, orange, blue, red, yellow, blue, etc., can be customized according to customer requirements.

Ingredients: pipe wall: soft PVC, spiral silk: hard PVC; environmentally friendly raw materials PVC, inside and outside is evenly spiral, smooth and shiny appearance, flexibility is very good, with wear-resistant characteristics of low temperature.