Layflat hose test water method

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Layflat hose test water method


Generally in the acceptance of lay flat hose installation is qualified, it will test the water test, the general process for lay flat hose test water the main steps are the following steps:

First installed, the initial inspection can be tested for water, try to open the water when the first control valve, filled with the entire pipeline, remove the tube – cut objects, and then all levels of pipe tail plug with a good plug

Followed by the irrigation area as a unit, according to the corresponding pressure of water supply, adjust the gate valve, check the joints, whether the pipeline leaks, drip water is uniform, whether the sensitivity of various instruments. If there is a problem, it is timely to deal with.

The last is to pay attention to lay flat hose test water after the normal, that is, back to fill the pipeline. Back fill should be stratified, close to the pipeline must use fine sand, and fill into the tamping, to prevent the pipeline uneven force. Winter construction, preferably back filling in the afternoon to reduce the effect of the expansion of the pipeline on linear changes.